protective masks

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protective masks

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However, there's actually a fun reason to protective masks use gas masks. Nowadays, trendsetters are starting to use gas masks to create a unique fashion statement. In some places, particularly the more fashion forward cities and towns, gas masks are used in various clubs to avoid inhaling too much cigarette and chemical smoke. Using gas masks in clubs and bars is also a great way to stave off the sniffles for people who hate smog-filled environments or are just simply allergic to smoke. Compared to the ones used in industrial and military settings, these fashionable gas masks only feature simple particulate filters.

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Prior to 1915, gas masks were manufactured in limited numbers for firefighters, miners and to a lesser degree, deep sea divers. Obviously, the helmet created for deep sea divers had the additional task of keeping water from seeping into the mask, but essentially it performed the same function as the other devices. Some of the masks created for miners had a similar hose attached to an air device so miners could breathe at depths where the coal dust was so thick that without the antibacterial fabric spray use of the mask, they would pass out in minutes.

The masks created for firefighters were the best of the early prototypes for the modern gas mask as they provided no clean air supply but rather ran the existing air supply through a series of filters designed to remove particles from the air and render it safe for human inhalation. This invention was the most produced version and then was mass produced for the army beginning in 1915 with only minor modifications to the filtration system to account for the removal Obrazek from the air of chlorine gas and later mustard gas.