Runescape developer Jagex has put a stop to Runelite HD

To, co nie pasuje do innych działów czyli odzież, narzędzia, sklepy, warsztaty, prawo itd.
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Runescape developer Jagex has put a stop to Runelite HD

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Runescape developer Jagex has put a stop to Runelite HD an open-source HD mod of the famous open-supply patron in Old School Runescape, simply due to the fact that the project was close to being released on Monday. The 11th-hour flow has several Runescape fans expressing their displeasure at Jagex's choice and declaring that the game could transfer to different MMOs.

The Runelite HD developer "117" posted on Reddit Tuesday sharing a message that he received from Jagex, which turned into later showed via way of means of Jagex within the agency's own weblog buy RS gold. Runelite HD operates as a plugin which can deliver an extensive visible overhaul to the lower levels of Runescape and is seen through 117's Twitter. Moderator reveals that the team has spent about 2200 hours in the past several years working on Runelite HD.
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Re: Runescape developer Jagex has put a stop to Runelite HD

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